Dr. Claude de Bellefon

Dr. Claude de Bellefon received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Strasbourg. After postdoctoral appointments at PennState University USA and at the Technical University Munich, he was awarded a permanent research position with the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Strasbourg.  In 1991 He moved to Rhône-Poulenc in Lyon to work on catalytic hydrogenation processes. In 1995, He joined the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the University of Lyon (CPE Lyon) and was one of the founders of the research team on "Catalytic Reactors Engineering" which he led from 2004 to 2015. He is currently holding a position as CNRS Research Director and is the Scientific Director of CPE Lyon. His main research interests are catalytic reactors, homogeneous & heterogeneous catalysis, kinetics, high throughput experimentation, micro-structured reactors and flow chemistry.

Team Project Partners

Ms. Camille Méhault MSc/ University of Lyon/CNRS/ CPE Lyon

Camille Méhault MSc graduated in September 2017 with a double master degree from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille and the University of Aix-Marseille, majoring in Science, Engineering and Management and Process Engineering respectively.

She is currently a PhD student at the CPE Lyon team under the supervision of Dr. Claude de Bellefon.  In the ONE-FLOW project she is working on the development of fluidics system involving segmented flow to be employed for cascade reactions.

T +33 4 72 43 17 58 / Mail   cme@lgpc.cpe.fr

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