ONE-FLOW Research collaboration project enabled an asymmetric organocatalytic aldol reaction in flow


Jointly with Professor Dr. Volker Hessel from Einhoven University of Technology (now: University of Adelaide) and Professor Dr. Albrecht Berkessel from University of Cologne the team around Professor Dr. Harald Gröger at Bielefeld University have published their results within the EU-Project ONE-FLOW on an “Asymmetric Organocatalytic Aldol Reaction of a...

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Prof.dr. Volker Hessel is awarded the ERC Synergy Grant


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ONE Flow Meeting in Bielefeld


Workshop and meeting in Bielefeld 20-21 September 2018 /data/files/program%20Bielefeld%20final%20%28002%29.docx  

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Prof.dr. Volker Hessel will hold a Plenary speech on the Nordic Process Chemistry Forum 2018, 23-25 May, 2018 in Stokholm, Sweden.


Title of the speech: Previously we (micro-)structured the reactor to operate continuously – the new smart solution is to structure the process media alike the cell does with its organelles.

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Ir. Olivia Morales-Gonzalez MSc will pitch at CHAINS 2017, December 2017.


Ir. Olivia Morales-Gonzalez MSc (TU/e – ONE-FLOW project) will hold a pitch at CHAINS 2017.

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