Scientific publication: collaboration between TUD and TU/e


Recently, Fabio Tonin (TU Delft) and Teresa de Martino published their work on compartmentalized cross-linked enzymatic nano-aggregates In this work, they demonstrate a new technique to succesfully immobilise enzymes in the polymeric vesicles (stomatocytes), and decrease enzyme leaching. Besides creating a new immobilisation technique, the authors also demonstrated the biocatalysis application of enzymes in flow. 


We are very happy with this great result and the scientific publication in Chemical Science! Congratulations!


More details can be found below:

De Martino T.M., Tonin F., Yewdall A.N., Abdelghani M., Williams D.S., Hanefeld U., Rutjes F.P.J.T., Abdelmohsen L.K.E.A., Hest J.C.M, Compartmentalized cross-linked enzymatic nano-aggregates (c-CLEnA) for efficient in-flow biocatalysis, in Chemical Science (2020)

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