ONE-FLOW Research collaboration project enabled an asymmetric organocatalytic aldol reaction in flow


Jointly with Professor Dr. Volker Hessel from Einhoven University of Technology (now: University of Adelaide) and Professor Dr. Albrecht Berkessel from University of Cologne the team around Professor Dr. Harald Gröger at Bielefeld University have published their results within the EU-Project ONE-FLOW on an “Asymmetric Organocatalytic Aldol Reaction of a...

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Prof.dr. Volker Hessel is awarded the ERC Synergy Grant


Within the European Horizon 2020 programVolker Hessel has succesfully obtained a Synergy grant! Using this grant, Volker can address research problems at the frontiers of knowledge. This proposal called "Surface-COnfined fast-modulated Plasma for process and Energy intensification in small molecules conversion" can now be succesfully conducted.  Universita degli Studi di Messina, Universiteit Antwerpen...

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ONE Flow Meeting in Bielefeld


Recently, We've had our ONE-FLOW workshop and meeting in Bielefeld. All the group members participated in a workshop which gave more insight into digitally controlled flow systems, given by our collaboration partners from Cambridge University. After this fruitfull meeting, everyone was even more enthousiastic about flow chemistry in general! Down below you can...

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Successful ONE-FLOW meeting and flow chemistry workshop


Today was a rather interesting day with the collaborators from Cambridge! Together with the Ley lab, all members of the ONE-FLOW project took part in a flow chemistry workshop, and learned to program Raspberry Pi 3. This afternoon will most defenitely help our members in applying more digital tools for...

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Prof.dr. Harald Gröger, Bielefeld University: Auf dem Weg zur grünen Chemie - Westfalen Blatt November 2017


Bielefelder Wissenschaftler wollen Medikamente umweltschonend herstellen. Prof. Dr. Harald Gröger will Chemie und Biologie verzahnen und das Beste aus beidem nutzen.

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Eénstapsflowchemie. Komt de pil van de toekomst werkelijk uit één flowreactor? Het One-Flow Project is er hard mee bezig.


Het Europese One-Flow Project, dat 1 januari van start ging, streeft naar een heel nieuwe vorm van chemie, waarbij meerdere reacties tegelijkertijd in één flowreactor plaatsvinden. Tegelijk in hydrofiel en hydrofoob, zuur en basisch milieu, het maakt niet uit. Met als idee dat de pil van de toekomst niet meer...

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