Next ONE-FLOW meeting is postponed


The next ONE-FLOW meeting was set for April 7th and 8th in Lyon, France. The location of this event is at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), and is hosted by Claude de Bellefon   20-03: Due to the current alarming Coronavirus situations in Europe, we had to postpone...

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Scientific publication: collaboration between TUD and TU/e


Recently, Fabio Tonin (TU Delft) and Teresa de Martino published their work on compartmentalized cross-linked enzymatic nano-aggregates In this work, they demonstrate a new technique to succesfully immobilise enzymes in the polymeric vesicles (stomatocytes), and decrease enzyme leaching. Besides creating a new immobilisation technique, the authors also demonstrated the biocatalysis application...

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ONE-FLOW members attended the CHAINS 2019 conference


On December 9, 10 and 11 of 2019, many group members attended the CHAINS 2019 conference in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. We even had several contribution to this great conference, namely: - Oral presentation by Fabio Tonin - Oral presentation by Ass.Prof. DI Dr. Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler  - Poster presentation by M. Teresa De...

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ONE-FLOW contribution to EU Horizon 2020 - Future Tech Week


Our ONE Flow program develops a revolutionary concept that can change the way complex molecules are prepared #EICFTW@FET_EU We posted a short movie about our aim for the Future Tech Week:   If you are interested in more research of the ONE-FLOW project, we'd love to refer you to our results...

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Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick visited the Radboud University


Last summer, Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick visited the Radboud University to apply digital controllers in a flow setup. By implementing this state-of-the-art equipment the flow chemistry could be conducted on a faster and efficient manner. Are you more interested in digital ONE-FLOW chemistry? Take a look at our results section, or...

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ONE-FLOW Research collaboration project enabled an asymmetric organocatalytic aldol reaction in flow


Jointly with Professor Dr. Volker Hessel from Einhoven University of Technology (now: University of Adelaide) and Professor Dr. Albrecht Berkessel from University of Cologne the team around Professor Dr. Harald Gröger at Bielefeld University have published their results within the EU-Project ONE-FLOW on an “Asymmetric Organocatalytic Aldol Reaction of a...

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