ONE-FLOW contribution to EU Horizon 2020 - Future Tech Week


Our ONE Flow program develops a revolutionary concept that can change the way complex molecules are prepared #EICFTW@FET_EU We posted a short movie about our aim for the Future Tech Week:   If you are interested in more research of the ONE-FLOW project, we'd love to refer you to our results...

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Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick will give a keynote lecture at the 13th International CeBiTec Symposium


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick of the Cambridge University will present some of his of ONE-FLOW work at the 13th International CeBiTec symposium in Bielefeld Germany. This year's subject is about Multi-Step Syntheses in Biology & Chemistry, which fits perfectly within the ONE-FLOW program.   Are...

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ONE-FLOW attended ECIS 2019 in Leuven, Belgium


One of our groupmembers, Dr. Ana Maria Bago Rodriguez attended this weeks ECIS 2019 in Leuven, Belgium. During this congress, Ana Maria presented her work about catalytically active Pickering Emulsions! The presented poster caught a lot of attention of the audience, so people see the real benefit of this innovative...

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Dr. Ana Maria Bago Rodriguez visited Bielefeld University!


Past august, Ana Maria visited Bielefeld University as part of one of the collaborations! During her visit in Germany, she evaluated the potential of Pickering Emulsions to carry our biocatalytic reactions. This work was conducted together with Prof. dr. Harald Gröger and Lukas Schober.  Do you want to read more about the...

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Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick visited the Radboud University


Last summer, Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick visited the Radboud University to apply digital controllers in a flow setup. By implementing this state-of-the-art equipment the flow chemistry could be conducted on a faster and efficient manner. Are you more interested in digital ONE-FLOW chemistry? Take a look at our results section, or...

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Olivia Morales Gonzalez and prof. Volker Hessel attended the 6th Asia-Pacific Chemical and Biological Microfluidic Conference (31 July-3 Agust , 2019)


Three great  speeches were given at the APCBM in Chengdu, about the ONE-FLOW approach . The works were presented  in the session of "New Process Designs" by Olivia (TU/e) , prof. Volker Hessel and Quilin Deng (University of Adelaide). 

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