Successful ONE-FLOW meeting and flow chemistry workshop


Today was a rather interesting day with the collaborators from Cambridge! Together with the Ley lab, all members of the ONE-FLOW project took part in a flow chemistry workshop, and learned to program Raspberry Pi 3. This afternoon will most defenitely help our members in applying more digital tools for...

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Next ONE-FLOW Meeting is set for September 20th, 2018.


The next ONE-FLOW meeting is set for Sepember 20th in Bielefeld, Germany. Host is Bielefeld University, Prof. Dr. Harald Gröger

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Introduction to Cambridge Ley lab


Recently, Prof. dr. Steven Ley has introduced the lastest technologies on his lab to promote flow chemistry. Please have a look at the video, made by Alternatively, you can use the direct embedded video down below.  Are you interested in the chemistry conducted at the Cambridge University by Steven Ley?...

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Prof.dr. Volker Hessel will hold a Plenary speech on the Nordic Process Chemistry Forum 2018, 23-25 May, 2018 in Stokholm, Sweden.


Title of the speech: Previously we (micro-)structured the reactor to operate continuously – the new smart solution is to structure the process media alike the cell does with its organelles.

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Ir. Olivia Morales-Gonzalez MSc will pitch at CHAINS 2017, December 2017.


Ir. Olivia Morales-Gonzalez MSc (TU/e – ONE-FLOW project) will hold a pitch at CHAINS 2017.

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Prof.dr. Harald Gröger, Bielefeld University: Auf dem Weg zur grünen Chemie - Westfalen Blatt November 2017


Bielefelder Wissenschaftler wollen Medikamente umweltschonend herstellen. Prof. Dr. Harald Gröger will Chemie und Biologie verzahnen und das Beste aus beidem nutzen.

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