Targeted scientific breakthrough

Along these lines and merging nature’s and technological approaches in a biomimetic fashion, ONE FLOW wants to go considerably beyond that state-of-the-art with its overall aim to develop a digital flow cascade machinery which performs all the multiple reactions in one step = ‘ONE FLOW’.


Machinery complexity is so far realized in massive ‘vertical hierarchy’ (i.e., along the flow axis). ONE-FLOW rather will use ‘horizontal hierarchy’ by compartmentalization, i.e. integrated biomimetic self-assemblies and modern switchable fluid structuring, along the footsteps of nature’s systems biology. Overall, the hierarchy need will be reduced through data-based orthogonality methodology.

We will develop 5 cascade reactions: (i) 4 synthetic flow reaction networks - 'Metabolic pathways’; (ii) 1 flow cascade driven by automated intelligence - 'Signaling pathways'; (iii) 4 catalytic cascades -  1 bio-hetchemo, 2 chemobio, 1 fully bio. In this way, we will make 5 Top-list 2020 drugs; one common bioactive. Concerning (ii), the BlueBerry Muffin microprocessor control system developed for this project will incorporate reaction prediction, management and optimisation.