Phd theses from the One-Flow project

The following PhD students successful defended their theses and were awarded the PhD title:


Katharina HieblerHeterogeneous palladium catalysis for the multistep synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients in continuous flowAugust 2020, Graz University of Technology.

She currently works in academia as University Assistant at the Universitat Graz


Chenyue Zhang: “Designed Micro- and Nano-Compartmented Factories for ChemBio Cascade Reactions in a ONE-FLOW Process25th February 2021, TU/e.

She currently works in academia as Post-Doctoral Candidate at the TU Eindhoven


Victor Bloemendal: “One-Flow Synthesis of Cannabinoids and Neuraminic Acids26th March 2021, TU/e.

He currently works in pharmaceutical industry as Research Scientist at Acerta Pharma (Astrazeneca)


Teresa de Martino: “Engineering Nanoreactors for catalytic Cascades in-flow” 3rd May 2021, TU/e.

She currently works in industry as Scientst at ELStar Dynamics


Camille Méhault “Compartmented reactors for cascade chemistries using segmented flow” and was named Doctor of the University of Lyon on November 4th, 2020.

She currently has a permanent position at CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique) in France since March 2021.