Publications Group Prof.dr ir. Jan C.M. van Hest/TU/e




Conference Contribution


Teresa de Martino

  •   T. de Martino: “Catalytic nanoreactors: towards cascade processes in flow” 16thApril 2018, DPD (Dutch Polymer Days) 2018 in De Werelt, Lunteren.
  •  T. de Martino “Nanoreactors for cascade processes” 5th December 2018, CHAINS, in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Victor Bloemendal

  •   V. R.L.J. Bloemendal “A revised modular late stage approach to (—)-trans-Δ9-THC and derivatives using Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions” 3rd December 2018, CHAINS, Veldhoven, The Netherlands



Other (Lecture/Pitch)

Teresa de Martino

  •    T. de Martino, L.K.E.A. Abdelmohsen, J.C.M. van Hest MST colloquium, TU/e Eindhoven 7th January 2019.

Victor Bloemendal

  • V. R.L.J. Bloemendal, “A scalable and tunable flow synthesis of Δ9-THC using heterogeneous catalysis” 30th October 2018, sIMMposium, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Book/Book editing

PhD thesis 1 (Research TU/e / Graduation TU/e)